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Backpacks is a type of equipment in Infestation: New Z. There are currently 9 backpacks available.


  • Backpacks are one of the important items of the game, if not the most. The Backpack allows you to store the items you find in your Inventory and use them later.
  • Backpacks will be visible to other players on the back of the characters.
  • All players start with the basic backpack, which is also called Small Backpack


Armor Name Slots Max Weight
Small Backpack.png Small Backpack 20 37 KG
Teddy Bear Backpack.png Teddy Bear Backpack 30 40 KG
Medium Backpack.png Medium Backpack 35 50 KG
Large Backpack.png Large Backpack 45 70 KG
Santa's Sack.png Santa's Sack 50 60 KG
Alice Backpack.png Alice Backpack 55 100 KG
Military Backpack.png Military Backpack 68 150 KG
Hunter Backpack.png Hunter Backpack 60 250 KG
Adventure Backpack.png Adventure Backpack 85 400 KG