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Controls are defined by the input hardware the player uses to control the Infestation: New Z game interface on the game.


Action Keybind
Primary Fire LMB
Move Forward W
Move Forward Autorun Numlock
Move Left A
Move Right D
Sneak Comma
Sprint Left Shift
High Jump V
Jump Spacebar
Crouch Left CTRL
Prone Z
Interact E
Secondary Interact Y
Reload R
Change Fire Rate X
Steady Aim Left Shift
Primary Weapon 1
Handgun 2
Item 1 3
Item 2 4
Item 3 5
Item 4 6
Next Item Grave
Quick Switch Q
Melee Backspace
Chat Return
VOIP Push to Talk T
Switch Minimap M
Show Score Tab
Toggle Nightvision N
Toggle Flashlight F
Inspect Weapon G
Show Inventory I
Show Attachments F6
Show Craft Menu K
Open Marketplace F10
Switch FPS/TPS View C
Switch TPS Camera Side Left ALT
Proximity Chat F1
Global Chat F2
Clan Chat F3
Group Chat F4
Toggle HUD F12
Show Tags F9
Pickup Vehicle F5
Unstuck Vehicle F7
Vehicle Acceleration W
Vehicle Brake S
Vehicle Turn Left A
Vehicle Turn Right D
Toggle Chat Visibility H