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A Crosshair is used in games as a calibration or sighting reference. (Either of two fine strands of wire crossed in the focus of the eyepiece of an optical instrument)


Infestation: New Z allows users to use custom created crosshairs in game. Players are even able to create / edit their own crosshairs with only some very basic photoshop / edit skills. On this Wikipedia page you will find how to create your own custom crosshair for Infestation: New Z, how to apply it to the game, how to apply other crosshairs to the game (created by others), how to remove your crosshair and you will find some basic tips & tricks!

Creating your own custom crosshair

Creating a custom crosshair for Infestation: New Z is relatively simple. A cool fact about custom crosshairs in Infestation: New Z is that players can create them themselves in any way they want since the game uses it as image. Creating a custom crosshair can be done with any kind of photo-edit program that support .dds formats. Here's a small tutorial on how to do it:

  • Skip this part if you already have a crosshair ready to be applied to the game! (Check: "Applying your own custom crosshair")
  1. Get any kind of photo-edit program that supports .dds formats. Examples are:
  2. Creating a crosshair from scratch goes by the same method for all 3 programs.
  3. Create a new (transparent) file in any of the programs with ANY size as long as:
    1. The file you create is a square.
    2. The file you create even numbers in length / height (so: 8x8, 16x16, 32x32, 64x64 etc..)
      • We highly recommend using sizes: 16x16, 32x32 or 64x64.
  4. Create your crosshair! (In this part we can not really help you - this is your own skills/creativity)
  5. Save the crosshair as customxhair and save it as .dds format.
  6. Save it in a folder where you can remember where it's located so we can move on to the next step: "Applying your own custom crosshair" (See below)

Applying your own custom crosshair

To apply your custom crosshair to Infestation: New Z here's what you need to do: (Make sure that you have your ready somewhere)

  1. Go to where ever your Infestation: New Z game is installed.
    • For STEAM users default location is: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\NewZ"
    • For NON-STEAM users default location is: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Fredaikis AB\TheNewZ"
  2. Grab your custom crosshair file and make sure to name it (.DDS format).
    • NOTE: Make sure that the file is not called: (This can happen if you haven't enabled windows file extensions). To make sure this can not happen, check if the file format is .dds (properties), if that's the case than just name the file customxhair and it should work fine.
  3. Place it in your Infestation: New Z game file.
  4. Open the game and your custom crosshair should work now!

Here's also a very useful tutorial made by TypeForced about how to apply your own custom crosshair to Infestation: New Z:

Removing your own custom crosshair

To remove any custom crosshairs from the game just go to the game's installation folder and delete the file called "". After doing this the game will use the default crosshair automatically.

Custom Made Crosshairs

We support Custom Crosshairs to be used by other players in Infestation: New Z. We've decided to create a page where you can download Custom Crosshairs made by other players.

If you have any Crosshairs you made and you want us to add it to the list, feel free to contact Havi#7736 on Discord

  • If you don't know how to install a Custom Crosshair, please check out Custom Crosshair
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