G36 (Battle Royale)

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Battle Royale
Battle Royale
The G36 assault rifle fires a 5.56 mm round. Its high rate of fire and medium recoil deliver a reasonably tight spread on impact of targets up to medium ranges.
Weight: 3.3 KG
Type: Assault Rifle
Rarity: Medium
Skins: Battle Royale Skinbox
Weapon Statistics
Bullet: 5.45
Damage: 25
Reload Time: 2.5s
Rate of Fire: 558
Spread: 3.5
Recoil: 2.5

The G36 is a Assault Rifle that is available in Infestation: New Z. This item can be found throughout the world of Colorado V1, Colorado and Caliwood.

Skin Recipe

  • This is the Skin Recipe for the Battle Royale Skin. It can be obtained through the Battle Royale Skinbox.

G36 (Battle Royale) Recipe.png

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