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Lounge (Trading Lounge) map From Infestation: New Z

Map Information[edit | edit source]

This is the one map everyone joins at one time or another. The trading hub of the game it features Multiple points to access your Global Inventory (GI).

There is no PVP, nor vehicles allowed on this map. It is also Free from the zombie horde rampaging throughout The world. A place you can meet people to trade with or try and sell that loot you spent so much time accumulating.

This Map has the day/night cycle so you can show off that nifty set of armor you just bought.

You will Meet on a Trade Lounge to exchange money and items after your deal on Facebook, Steam, Official Infestation New Z Forums, or the best place to trade, Discord.

Lounge (Trading Lounge)[edit | edit source]

Lounge (Trading Lounge Preview)
Lounge (Trading Lounge)

Points Of interest[edit | edit source]

Map Coordinates Name Map