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Aiming at a player will tell you their name and what their Reputation is. Each rank has its own icon that will display underneath the player's name in-game.

  • Reputation/Rank is what your character will be labeled as for other players.
  • 'Kill Points Ex:' Civilian (Each kill has a different value, depending on the rank of the victim.)

  • Note that once you've reached the rank of Outlaw that character is restricted to the Bandit tree,
  • giving a bit of time to mend your ways, but once you've chosen, you are stuck until you make a new character or use the Reset Reputation button which costs 250 GC
  • If however, you've decided to go the Lawman route, you get different Reputation points

As a Lawman, killing Civilians or other Lawmen is punished severely, and results in the below penalties. Please note that these are penalties based on your level. So, as a Paragon, killing a Civilian or Lawman of any rank results in a penalty of 125 points per kill. Similarly, if you were a Guardian, you would take a 40 point penalty point per kill.

Reputation Table

Negative Reputation
Name Reputation Icon
Thug Life -10 Thug Life (Icon).png
Outlaw -50 Outlaw (Icon).png
Bandit -100 Bandit (Icon).png
Hitman -300 Hitman (Icon).png
Villain -600 Villain (Icon).png
Assassin -1,000 Assassin (Icon).png
Agony -5,000 Agony (Icon).png
Killer -10,000 Killer (Icon).png
Warmonger -25,000 Warmonger (Icon).png
Reckless -50,000 Reckless (Icon).png
Malevolent -100,000 Malevolent (Icon).png
Berserk -150,000 Berserk (Icon).png
Lucifer -200,000 Lucifer (Icon).png
Destroyer -250,000 Destroyer (Icon).png
Predator -300,000 Predator (Icon).png
Beast -350,000 Beast (Icon).png
Warlord -400,000 Warlord (Icon).png
Monster -450,000 Monster (Icon).png
Ragnarok -500,000 Ragnarok (Icon).png
Undying -550,000 Undying (Icon).png
Eviscerator -600,000 Eviscerator (Icon).png
Hunter -700,000 Hunter (Icon).png
War Chief -800,000 War Chief (Icon).png
Demon -900,000 Demon (Icon).png
Terminator -1,000,000 Terminator (Icon).png
Warrior -1,250,000 Warrior (Icon).png
Evil -1,500,000 Evil (Icon).png
Cannibal -2,000,000 Devin (Icon).png
Maniac -2,250,000 Maniac (Icon).png
Arsonist -2,500,000 Arsonist (Icon).png
Bloodthirsty -2,750,000 Bloodthirsty (Icon).png
Butcher -3,000,000 Butcher (Icon).png
Torturer -3,250,000 Torturer (Icon).png
Slaughterer -3,500,000 Slaughterer (Icon).png
Executor -3,750,000 Executor (Icon).png
Exterminator -4,000,000 Exterminator (Icon).png
Kingslayer -4,250,000 Kingslayer (Icon).png
Warbringer -4,500,000 Warbringer (Icon).png
Man o' War -4,750,000 Man o War(Icon).png
Tyrant -5,000,000 Tyrant (Icon).png
Positive Reputation
Name Reputation Icon
Constable +5 Constable (Icon).png
Deputy +50 Deputy (Icon).png
Lawmen +100 Lawmen (Icon).png
Guardian +250 Guardian (Icon).png
Vigilante +500 Vigilante (Icon).png
Paragon +1,000 Paragon (Icon).png
Agent +5,000 Agent (Icon).png
Hero +10,000 Hero (Icon).png
Savior +25,000 Savior (Icon).png
Merciful +50,000 Merciful (Icon).png
Angel +75,000 Angel (Icon).png
King +100,000 King (Icon).png
Champion +200,000 Champion (Icon).png
Genius +300,000 Genius (Icon).png
Devin +400,000 Cannibal (Icon).png
Sheriff +500,000 Sheriff (Icon).png
White Knight +750,000 White Knight (Icon).png
Oracle +1,000,000 God (Icon).png
Apostle +1,250,000 Apostle (Icon).png
Clergyman +1,500,000 Clergyman (Icon).png
Cleric +1,750,000 Cleric (Icon).png
Zealot +2,000,000 Zealot (Icon).png
Templar +2,250,000 Templar (Icon).png
Archpaladin +2,500,000 Archpaladin (Icon).png
Knight Watcher +2,750,000 Knight Watcher (Icon).png
Protector +3,000,000 Protector (Icon).png
Emir +3,250,000 Emir (Icon).png
Vizier +3,500,000 Vizier (Icon).png
Sheikh +3,750,000 Sheikh (Icon).png
Lord +4,000,000 Lord (Icon).png
Duke +4,250,000 Duke (Icon).png
Prince Heir +4,500,000 Prince Heir (Icon).png
Emperor +4,750,000 Emperor (Icon).png
Inquisitor +5,000,000 Inquisitor (Icon).png