Revolution Skinbox

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The Revolution Skinbox can be purchases in the in-game marketplace or by trading with other player.
Type: Skinbox
Price: Gold Coin.png 650

The Revolution Skinbox is a Skinbox which is available in Infestation: New Z. This skinbox can be can be purchases in the in-game marketplace or by trading with other player.

Skin Recipes

FN Scar CQC (Smiley) Recipe.png Skin assault m4 semi knightfall.png M16 (Equalizer) Recipe.png K. Style Helmet (Fredaikis's Hat) Recipe.png Famas (Tiger) Recipe.png Katana (Baguette) Recipe.png

Skin smg evo3 spector.png Skin melee knife Matte.png IMI TAR-21 (Red Leather) Recipe.png Skin assault famas rustic.png Aviator Glasses Recipe.png Skin armor IBA Insanity.png

FN Scar CQC (Danger) Recipe.png Skin melee fryingpan ravanger.png Skin melee bat Reaver.png Skin pistol b92 aquaris.png Skin mg pkm fury.png Skin smg mp5 soulburn.png Skin backpack medium delirium.png

M107 (Valkyrie) Recipe.png Skin assault m4a1 peacemaker.png Custom Guerilla (Toxic) Recipe.png Skin backpack small Turtle.png Skin assault m4 dragonking.png SVD (Daywalker) Recipe.png M107 (Red Death) Recipe.png

Mauser SP66 (Massacre) Recipe.png M4 (Revall) Recipe.png Katana (Frozen) Recipe.png Skin assault ak74m collapse.png Katana (Rustic) Recipe.png Karambit (Dathraze) Recipe.png Skin helmet mstyle fallenangel.png

SVD (Shark Attack) Recipe.png Heavy Armor (Forged Iron) Recipe.png Katana (Frozen Vengeance) Recipe.png Skin helmet moto rustic.png Skin assault m4a1 brutalizer.png Heavy Armor (Serenity) Recipe.png K. Style NVG (Serenity) Recipe.png

Skin pistol deagle blaze.png K. Style Helmet (Serenity) Recipe.png Skin armor ghillie snow.png Heavy Armor (Fallen Angel) Recipe.png Skin backpack military invisible.png Skin backpack small invisible.png Skin backpack alice invisible.png

Skin Backpack Adventure Invisible.png Skin gear backpack hunter invisible.png Skin backpack medium Invisible.png Skin backpack large Invisible.png K. Style NVG (Fallen Angel) Recipe.png Moto Helmet (fallen angel) Recipe.png Armor heavy gear rustic.png

Heavy Armor (Fallen Angel) Recipe.png Custom Guerilla Zitania Recipe.png Heavy Armor (Zitania) Recipe.png K. Style NVG (Zitania) Recipe.png K. Style Helmet (Zitania) Recipe.png

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