Valentine Skinbox

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The Valentine Skinbox is only findable on the official map in Open World and Survival during the Autumn event or by trading with other player.
Type: Skinbox

The Valentine Skinbox is a Skinbox which is available in Infestation: New Z. This skinbox can be can be purchases in the in-game marketplace or by trading with other player.

Skin Recipes

AK-47 (Valentine) Recipe.png AN-94 (Valentine) Recipe.png L85 (Valentine) Recipe.png M4A1 (Valentine) Recipe.png K. Style NVG (Valentine) Recipe.png AW Magnum (Valentine) Recipe.png

Blaser R93 (Valentine) Recipe.png Heavy Armor (Valentine) Recipe.png Custom Guerilla (Valentine) Recipe.png K. Style Moto Helmet (Valentine) Recipe.png AK-47 (Valentine) Recipe.png M107 (Valentine) Recipe.png

Skin assault famas Valentine.png M9 Helmet NVG (Valentine) Recipe.png Skin melee Valentinewand.png Skin armor mtv valentine.png Skin pistol deagle valentine.png Skin shotgun saiga valentine.png

Skin assault thompson valentine.png Hunter Backpack (Valentine) Recipe.png Karambit (Valentine) Recipe.png

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